Our Story

Waroona Child Care offers the very best in Long Day Care. We care for children aged 0 years to 10 years.

Waroona Child Care is owned and operated by a local family, bringing years of experience in the child care sector.

Why us?

A wonderful environment

Our programmes are child initiated and directed, following the fabulous EYLF and MTOP initiatives and adhering to dynamic Quality Assurance requirements.

Our children are superheroes who lead their educators along the highways of creativity, music, singing, dance, art, crafts, games, life skills, fun, laughter, cultural awareness, sensitivity and sustainability.

The service encourages kindness, honesty, loyalty, sensitivity to others, fairness for all in a loving and encouraging environment while supporting the needs of families and caregivers.

Our Team

Qualified Educators

Karine Ribeiro

Nominated Supervisor

With over ten years of experience in the education sector and a double degree (Bachelor in Pedagogy & Bachelor of Biology) Karine is the Nominated Supervisor for Waroona Childcare Centre. Karine also holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Having worked at childcare centres in Sydney and Coffs Harbour childcare before moving to Waroona, Karine has accumulated all the knowledge and skills to run and manage a child focused centre. Karine loves the local community in Waroona who welcomed her with open arms and she now considers herself a local and loves being part of a community that is so helpful, warm and dynamic. She thoroughly enjoys working with children and providing them with meaningful learning experiences. She believes that the foundations of education are set during the early childhood years and strives to provide a positive learning environment for both children and staff as we all continue to grow and learn. As a Nominated supervisor and Educational Leader, she endeavours to be a role model to the children and other educators at Waroona Childcare. She is instrumental in making our families and young friends feel welcome and goes out of her way to make them feel at home creating a high level of comfort which facilitates open communication and better results for the children who are our number one priority.

Melinda Franca

Early Childhood Teacher

Mel is our Early Childhood Teacher at Waroona Childcare and has been a qualified educator for over 15 years. She is half way through her Bachelor of Education at Charles Sturt University. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she utilizes to design and create programming and activities at the centre for our children based on their individual interests and preferences and uses this as a medium to engage them and gets them to participate and contribute which in turn builds their confidence and the creates a sense of belonging towards their peers, educators and the community as a whole. Mel lives locally with her husband and 3 children which has also encouraged her passion for early learning, especially when it comes to enriching young minds through play and mindful experiences. Mel takes a lot of pride in her role and emphasizes on the importance of understanding the individual needs of each child and their families we have in our care.Mel loves working at Waroona Childcare and says that she is very fortunate to be working alongside a wonderful, passionate and supportive team of educators.

Kelly Fisher

Qualified Diploma

Kelly is a young, dynamic girl who has attained a lot at her young age. Her journey in Childcare began at Waroona Childcare Centre which is where she did her training while completing her Cert III and a year later attained her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Kelly is very passionate about her role at the centre and takes responsibility and initiative when required whilst maintaining the highest level of care and education. Kelly feels interactions and conversations with these young children can teach us adults so much about the simple things that matter in life and there is so much to learn from these young, carefree minds who are not afraid to explore and experiment. Surrounded by a team of amazing, experienced educators Kelly feels that Waroona Childcare has given her a perfect start and insight into this wonderful childcare industry that she believes is where she has always wanted to be.

Lee Davis

Cert III

Lee acquired her Cert III through a traineeship at the Waroona Childcare Centre. She has worked at various other centres throughout Mandurah. Having two children of her own Lee grabbed the opportunity to work at the local Creche to upkeep her childcare skills for 9 years before commencing at Waroona Childcare. Growing up locally Lee finds herself to be very community oriented. She believes that she carries this sense of belonging to our community through to the children she cares for at Waroona Childcare Centre. Lee firmly believes that it is this sense of belonging that brings many families to our centre to be educated and cared for by a team of local people. Lee see’s herself as both a carer and an educator and adds “I enjoy the high quality of education and care that I am involved in by working at Waroona Childcare. All staff are guided well by strong, passionate

Stacey Martin

Cert III

Stacey has worked in the childcare industry for over 5 years now and is currently working towards acquiring her certificate III in Early Childhood Learning & Care. Stacey started her career in childcare by working for ABC Childcare in Mandurah and soon realized that working with children is one of the most satisfying job in the world. She moved to Waroona and soon after was offered a position within a school camp locally in Waroona, where her role comprised of working, leading and mentoring school children from the year one to twelve whilst boosting their morale and confidence and encouraging them to maximize their potential. This was an eye opener for Stacey who felt that each child has some special sets of skills and abilities and it’s only a matter of identifying these and assisting them in honing those skills. She worked with the school for nearly 7 years and believes she learnt a lot from these young children. Stacey then joined our fabulous team at Waroona a few years ago and has been with us since. She loves working at the centre and shares a strong bond with the children, parents and her team which she now relates to as her family. Stacey feels that it’s great to be working at a Waroona Childcare where she knows the local families and there is this strong connection and bond that they share which is hard to find at bigger centres in the cities.

Leteesha Spencer

Cert III

Teesh has been married for 27 years and has raised 7 beautiful children (6 boys and 1 daughter). So she certainly knows about all the joys and challenges of parenthood. She is also a Nanna to two gorgeous grandchildren. Teesh enjoys interacting, playing and seeing children grow. She believes that the key to nurturing these young minds is through play which is one common thing they all enjoy and you can teach them a lot via play. She also focuses on areas like gardening, environment and sustainability which she feels are not emphasised enough on and feels that these should be a part of every curriculum. She teaches children about sustainability and engages them activities like making their our own liquid handwash, glue and laundry detergent. Teesh has a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and feels that she and her colleagues at Waroona Childcare take a lot of pride in what they do and look after each child as if it was their own.